Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting close to the End

Hi mom and family the internet connection is very rare here .but now here at the oneil's house is it pretty nice! We have really nice rooms, the beds are comfortable compared to the tents we have been sleeping in on the safari. Also the big thing we also have WARM showers that are acually inside. On the safari there was bags filled with water hanging from a tree for our showers. It has been really fun and we just finished getting dance lessons from the local people. It was really hard and I was laughing so hard, but we got the dance down and tonight we have too dance infront of the whole community. While I have been in africa we have learned a little of the language of Tanzania called swalheili. I saw and did so many cool things and cant wait to tell everyone when I get back on Wenesday. It is crazy how fast it went by. I love everyone so much and cant wait to see you! Please share the news with everyone. Also I have not got to wash many clothes because the washing clothes in a bucket is not really working that good for me.

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