Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 3 in houston we had our last day of classes we took a walk around the school and we learned how to adjust the shutter speed,ISO, and the aperature. I am still have to work on that part.

Packing for the trip was CRAZY! I didn't think I was going to fit all my stuff In bags ,but somehow it all worked out.

I just got to my gate in amsterdam. Man that was a long plane ride! I watched the movie Grand Torino on the plane. Most of the time It felt like I was just spacing out waiting for us to land. I didn't think I slept that much ,but Lexi and clair said I slept on a long time. Whatever so now I am sitting in the airport waiting to get on a new plane and I am extreamly tiered.

My last plane ride accually seemed pretty fast even though It was about ten hours. Probably because I slept most of the time, but still not enough I am still exausted. This plane ride I sat next to Jacob. The meals on the plane were pretty close to some of the worst food I ever had. Also for half of the plane ride I was pretty wet from the water the flight attendent accidently spilled on me. It cooled me off so its all good. I was really funny Cade sleeps like a rock. When the flight attendent went by with the cart Cade's foot was out in middle of the aisle and the lady needed to get by so I had to shake him to wake him up and Tracy was freaking out because she thought Cade was having a seizer.

Now I am in Tanzania and having a blast!!! The first night I had a lot of trouble sleeping but now I am sleeping all night. Where we are staying is no where close to being as bad as I thought It was going to be. We are staying in like a little house that is pretty nice like the nicest in the area. The last few days I have been doing community service by helping dig ditches and lay pipes for the new water system we helped build. Its really hard work and I am getting a good work out. I love you family. I also have been having lessons every day to learn the language in Tanzania called swahelie.

Today I just got back from the lepersey center and It was really cool how the people can be so sick and so happy at the same time. Now I am in town updating my blog.

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