Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting close to the End

Hi mom and family the internet connection is very rare here .but now here at the oneil's house is it pretty nice! We have really nice rooms, the beds are comfortable compared to the tents we have been sleeping in on the safari. Also the big thing we also have WARM showers that are acually inside. On the safari there was bags filled with water hanging from a tree for our showers. It has been really fun and we just finished getting dance lessons from the local people. It was really hard and I was laughing so hard, but we got the dance down and tonight we have too dance infront of the whole community. While I have been in africa we have learned a little of the language of Tanzania called swalheili. I saw and did so many cool things and cant wait to tell everyone when I get back on Wenesday. It is crazy how fast it went by. I love everyone so much and cant wait to see you! Please share the news with everyone. Also I have not got to wash many clothes because the washing clothes in a bucket is not really working that good for me.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 3 in houston we had our last day of classes we took a walk around the school and we learned how to adjust the shutter speed,ISO, and the aperature. I am still have to work on that part.

Packing for the trip was CRAZY! I didn't think I was going to fit all my stuff In bags ,but somehow it all worked out.

I just got to my gate in amsterdam. Man that was a long plane ride! I watched the movie Grand Torino on the plane. Most of the time It felt like I was just spacing out waiting for us to land. I didn't think I slept that much ,but Lexi and clair said I slept on a long time. Whatever so now I am sitting in the airport waiting to get on a new plane and I am extreamly tiered.

My last plane ride accually seemed pretty fast even though It was about ten hours. Probably because I slept most of the time, but still not enough I am still exausted. This plane ride I sat next to Jacob. The meals on the plane were pretty close to some of the worst food I ever had. Also for half of the plane ride I was pretty wet from the water the flight attendent accidently spilled on me. It cooled me off so its all good. I was really funny Cade sleeps like a rock. When the flight attendent went by with the cart Cade's foot was out in middle of the aisle and the lady needed to get by so I had to shake him to wake him up and Tracy was freaking out because she thought Cade was having a seizer.

Now I am in Tanzania and having a blast!!! The first night I had a lot of trouble sleeping but now I am sleeping all night. Where we are staying is no where close to being as bad as I thought It was going to be. We are staying in like a little house that is pretty nice like the nicest in the area. The last few days I have been doing community service by helping dig ditches and lay pipes for the new water system we helped build. Its really hard work and I am getting a good work out. I love you family. I also have been having lessons every day to learn the language in Tanzania called swahelie.

Today I just got back from the lepersey center and It was really cool how the people can be so sick and so happy at the same time. Now I am in town updating my blog.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank you so much mom and dad for sending me on this amazing trip!!!!

Day 1 in Houston we learned basics on photoshop and talked about our plan for the trip. For lunch we ate at Russo's pizza.

Day 2 in Houston we started to have different assignments in photoshop and learned how to upload are pictures in a program called Bridge. We also made a photo collage of different things that discribe ourselves. I am so excited.